Barter Books

Alnwick Station, Northumberland

The shop has many extra features: open fires in the Winter, beloved by all. The Station Buffet with good plain food, coffee, tea and cookies. A model railway acting as a link between the book columns of the central room, along with poetry lines. Three stunning 40-foot murals. A mini-cybercafé (well, two computers!) and free Wi-Fi. Numerous restored station features. Generous seating. A children's room with enough toys to allow parents and grandparents to browse elsewhere in peace? provided one guardian is left to look after the children! And a whole huge room lined with over forty glass cases containing many of the more interesting antiquarian books Preservation and Restoration: because of its architecture and history, the owners have done what they can (and felt privileged to do so) to restore and enhance their holding - as and when they could afford to. To that end, the lovely old canopy outside has been re-exposed, the fireplaces put back into working order, a missing skylight glassed in, rooms replastered and repainted. All of which, to our pleasure, has brought, after an absence of thirty years, public life back to a building that was made for it.


Border Auctions

The Mill, Northumberland

Border Auctions Ltd is a family run business situated at Hawick in the Scottish Borders. Our team are experienced in the field of antiques and are available to give you the seller a valuation service. Using our web site gives you a chance to browse through our catalogue as it is compiled for the next sale. Therefore you will not miss out on the item you have been searching for. On the other hand if you are looking for something special to buy, auctions are a fantastic source of many interesting items and rare lots.


Jim Railton

Nursery House, Northumberland

Welcome to Railtons. Hopefully you will be able to ""work-on"" with our website, but if you have any problems whatsoever, get on to the old fashioned telephone and tell us. The numbers are 01668 215323 or 0777 424 1111 or 01668 283000. With this new fangled ""all singing and dancing"" site you can search for things, leave bids, register, get Railton to call round and look at your treasures, view catalogues, look at our sales calendar to find when the next sale is, get a valuation, look at old sales items and see what hammer price items fetched, chat to Jim, etc. If you have ever registered at one of our auctions in the past, please contact us on for your username and password, which you can then change.



The Northern Auction Centre, Northumberland

We hold quarterly Antique and Fine Art auctions including a complete range of antiques and collector's items. We have benefitted from the trend in recent years for more important items to be sold outside London, where the costs of sale have rocketed. Catalogues are produced and circulated to prospective purchasers by post and E-mail and full details, including digital illustrations, are included on this website and on the two other major UK auction sites.