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CQout is an International online market place and auction community, where we'll help to ""Seek You Out"" a real bargain! The service was launched in Dec 1999 and has since gained the reputation of the ""Most Trusted Online Auction Site"". Why list your item in a magazine or newspaper for a fixed price (or near offer!) and hope for the best, when you can auction your item through CQout for a set minimum ('reserve') price and monitor progress 'in real time' as the auction proceeds. You can even include a scanned picture of your item to ensure potential buyers can see exactly what they're getting. Join Now Worried that your item will sell for £10's when you wanted £100's? It won't. When you list an item for auction you can set a ' reserve' price below which the item will not be sold. Only once bidding reaches or exceeds the reserve are you, as the seller, obliged to sell the item for that price to the highest bidder. CQout offers you the opportunity to buy or sell items, via auction, to the largest audience available - the Internet Community. We have registered users from over 80 countries around the world. If you've never used an online auction before, try it once with that old Lego your kids don't play with any more, the Star Wars toys that you're sure must be of value to someone, but you're not quite sure who, or even the saxophone that seemed like such a good idea last year. CQout is committed to ensuring that its internet auction site is a secure, reliable and easy place to trade on the Internet. To ensure this, anyone selling an item through CQout must first register with us and be verified as 'bona fide' by our rigorous user validation procedures.
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