Vendor FAQs

Who are you and what can you do for me?
Bid on This along with Ukauctioneers and The Auction Room forms part of The UKauctioneers Group. We offer a sales, marketing and online bidding platform for auction houses to sell goods via our website. We can cost-effectively help build your brand and increase your revenue potential by providing a whole new customer base for your auctions.

What makes you better than all of the other platforms for us to sell on? What do you offer that your competitors can’t?
Our packages are the most competitively priced on the market and we believe it offers the most in return. From taking instant verified payments from buyers, to marketing your brand and products, the list of benefits are incomparable.

We want to offer you a choice in the market, another avenue to increase your revenue and exposure. We’ve used years of experience and feedback from the industry to create the packages we’re offering today. We’re product lead with the aim of making sourcing and buying a product at auction easier than you would currently find on a product driven website.

Our team is lean, and committed to achieving results for you. We want to keep costs low for you and have placed ourselves in the market with fantastic rates for both auction houses and bidders.

How much does it cost per sale?
We don’t charge you per sale. You pay one monthly subscription for as many auctions as you want. The more you sell through the site, the better – we make our money through our 1.5% internet fee so we encourage as many sales as possible.

Do you help manage our accounts?
As part of your subscription you will be appointed a dedicated account manager who will be there to help and support you through all your sales and enquiries. Our customer services are available too to ensure somebody is on hand at all times.

Do you provide a clerk?
We always aim to attend your first auction to assist with clerking and we also provide full training to your staff. Our system is easy to use, but if you need assistance, we can help you source one or come to an arrangement about how to resolve the issue with you.

What devices can you bid live from?
Any! The website has been designed to be responsive and work across all devices, whether that be a desktop, tablet or smart phone.

Buyers/Marketing and Payment

How much extra does it cost for you to provide us with targeted marketing?
This is where one of our many USP’s come in – we don’t charge you any extra for branded marketing. It may sound like there should be a catch, but there honestly isn’t one. Our ethos is to work together with you building up a brand and as part of that we want to keep your costs low. Let us use our expertise to market your auctions for you, with your branding and all for no extra cost.

Don’t forget that our success is yours and vice versa.

What do you do on Social Media?
What don’t we do on social media! We’re active across all platforms, this helps build brand awareness, trust and also helps contribute towards our SEO efforts. We want people to easily find and interact with us and ultimately your products. Our social media strategy isn’t just all about promoting our products and services, we want to promote our brand, be personable and convey to people that there are humans behind the name Bid on This, humans that are all working hard to provide a good service.

How many people do you get per live online auction?
As with all stats this varies depending on the day of the week and the nature of the products. Low value items tend to attract a lot more traffic as buyers are naturally drawn to the opportunity of grabbing a bargain at auction. As all people know, it only takes two serious bidders to drive the price up of an item and our focus here is on quality traffic and legitimate buyers over quantity, plus also ensuring we attract relevant traffic to your sales

Logistics and Payment

How do you take payment from buyers?
This is one of our biggest USP’s that differ to any other online bidding platform in the market. We have partnered with Barclays to provide a unique service called SmartPay which enables us to take payment immediately at the point of sale. This means that when the hammers drops and the winner is from Bid on This – the lot is paid for immediately! An invoice is also automatically generated and sent to the buyer, meaning you don’t have to invoice or chase for payment.

How do we get paid?
We send your funds via Bank Transfer to an agreed account post sale. We currently have two payment runs a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so whichever of those two days comes first after your auction will be when funds are transferred to you. We can of course be flexible on this to suit your needs.

Do I have to use SmartPay?
The site is set up to take automatic payment from buyers via Barclays SmartPay, a secure payment gateway. However, if you have another preference we can discuss how we can accommodate this.

How can I list my items? Where do I upload my catalogue?
There are two options available; you can either upload items yourself via our custom built auctioneer’s admin panel, or send us a csv (excel spreadsheet) of your catalogue and pictures so that we can upload it for you. We want this to be hassle free, so if you have your catalogue prepared, you can send it to us and we will take care of the rest!

Can people place advanced bids when the catalogue is uploaded?
Yes – We send an email out to our buyers to tell them your catalogue is ready to browse, at which point they can leave advanced bids on anything they like. Buyers can enter any amount, either on or above the start bid.

Signing Up

What do you need from me to get signed up?
We will send you a contract to review and sign, but once this is done, the rest is simple. We provide you with a simple checklist of information required to get your vendor profile set up with us. We send you an invoice to pay for your first month with us and register your account to your own seller area where you can manage your auctions. Once completed, you’re ready to start running online auctions!

What will I need to have to run the platform?
The platform is cloud based, which means you do not need any specific software or requirements to run auctions. You quite simply need an internet connection and a device to use, preferably a desktop computer or laptop. Auctions can even be run from a tablet but we advise a good screen size for ease.

Who do I contact for more information and to get set up?
Please call us on 01372 860 885 and ask to speak to a member of our sales team or email