Lewis Langham – This Week at Stacey’s Auctioneers and Wotton Auctions

2:56 pm, JANUARY 29, 2018


This week I have selected a few lots from Stacey’s Auctioneers and Valuers and Wotton Auction Rooms. I felt it was important to bring to our reader’s attention these lots in my article this week due to the impressive display of artwork on sale. Both auctions will begin at 10 am on Tuesday and end later in the day, so planning will be necessary should you be looking to bid for anything.

Lot 1436 at Stacey’s is a nostalgic countryside scene. This moody portrayal evokes an aura of the great nineteenth-century British artist John Constable, as the buildings and the riverbank are dressed in warm tones that weave through the sharp contrasting shadows. In classical terms, this sharp contrast is called chiaroscuro, a technique that old masters such as Caravaggio and da Vinci studied, and is the key aspect in lot 1436. It is unfortunate that such an accomplished oil study is unsigned as this is clearly a skilled artist, despite this lot 1436 has a high starting bid which I expect will bring interest and various keen bidders.

At Wotton Auction Rooms we have a selection of expressionist etchings of landscapes, by nationally acclaimed artist John Brunsdon. Lot 733 is two signed etchings that appear to be different angles, of the rolling hills, in the remote village of Llansannan, Wales. Brunsdon has captured the serene and calmness of a secluded place, through the cold tones and bold textures of the land that enable us to experience the environment through the etching.

In comparison, lot 734 is of two separate views of the English Peak District and conveys much warmer tones throughout. The most noticeable difference between the lots is the sun in lot 734 with its pastel red quality that transmits a mood for the whole print.  An example of this is if we compare the green tones of the landscape between both prints, ranging from Cobalt and Emeralds in lot 733 to gold and sap greens in lot 734. Both prints display a great level of craft, and as such I expect this to be reflected in the hammer price.

Lot 745 at Wotton Auctions, is a print by Pablo Picasso of his lover Dora Maar. Picasso changed the course of modern art at the turn of the twentieth century and was at the centre of the Cubism movement. Cubists would dismantle subject matter to basic forms, then, by reassembling these forms, a new structure was produced conveying the complexity of life.

Picasso was known to have numerous relationships with women, these relationships feature heavily in his work which has caused much discussion in the art world. For instance, the variation in Cubism could be seen as portraying different standards of beauty. However in Picasso’s artwork, his feelings on the women in his life are clear, for example, Picasso presents his first wife Olga Picasso to audiences with a scathing and harsh depiction of her. His lover after Olga, Marie-Therese Walter, is represented as a seductive and alluring woman, by comparing the two women we are given an insight into Picasso’s world which, much like his artwork, is broad and complex.

Lot 745 is a chance to own a bold portrait of a woman who captivated Picasso, this print is an original painting that is an artefact from the extensive Picasso collection. The print is in excellent condition and is expected to sell for around £250-£300, which is probable due to name and reputation of such a significant artist attached to the print.

That concludes my preview of this weeks auctions and I advise our readers that it is important to take some time of your own to view lots and go through the auctions. It is crucial you are aware of the recent legislation change about charges and in particular credit card payments, despite this at Bid on This this change will not be in use and will continue to accept credit card payments at no charge to the buyer. Should you want to ask questions or if its just a conversation about art and antiques, follow my contact details below.


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